Department of Defense (DoD) Systems Engineering and Architecture (SE&A) partners with the Military Services and defense agencies to identify workforce challenges and champion initiatives to ensure DoD maintains its advantage in Warfighter readiness in a rapidly evolving technological environment. Cross-cutting workforce initiatives focus on building technical capability and capacity to support current and future leadership priorities in four main categories: Forecast Future Talent Needs, Strengthen Talent Pipeline, Advance Our Workforce Skills, and Close Capability Gaps.

Functional Communities

Engineering (Non-Construction) and Quality Assurance

The Engineering (Non-Construction) workforce (a majority of the 08XX job series) consists of approximately 89,000 acquisition and non-acquisition personnel, and the Quality Assurance workforce (1910 job series) consists of approximately 9,400 acquisition and non-acquisition personnel to support DoD missions. The Executive Director for Systems Engineering and Architecture serves as the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Functional Community Manager (OFCM) for both functional communities.

OFCM responsibilities are in accordance with DoD Instruction (DoDI) 1400.25, Volume 250, Civilian Strategic Human Capital Planning.


Acquisition Functional Areas

Engineering and Technical Management (ETM) and Test and Evaluation (T&E)

DoD Engineering ensures the ETM (approximately 60,000) and T&E (approximately 9,000) acquisition workforces are certified current, qualified, and have the capability and capacity to meet current and future leadership priorities. The Executive Director for Systems Engineering and Architecture serves as the functional area leader (FAL) for these functional areas.

FAL responsibilities are in accordance with DoDI 5000.66, Defense Acquisition Workforce Education, Training, Experience, and Career Development Program.


SE&A Workforce Oversight

DoD Engineering is empowering engineers with the technical skills paramount to creating an enduring advantage for America’s military.  Check out the ETM and T&E information sheets to see how OUSD(R&E)'s efforts help DoD engineers meet challenges in the era of competition.









Workforce Definitions

A group of one or more occupational series or specialties with common functions, competencies, and career paths to accomplish a specific part of the DoD mission. Functional communities engage in workforce planning to ensure mission accomplishment by preparing for emerging missions and changing work requirements; developing competency models, assessing workforce competencies, and identifying mission-critical workforce gaps; identifying recruitment, development, and retention strategies to fill workforce gaps; providing career roadmaps with a “line of sight” for employee career development; and advocating individual competency assessments and development plans to help employees progress and meet professional standards. (DoDI 1400.24, vol 250)


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