2021 Mission Capabilities Year in Review Newsletter

The Year in Review highlights some key successes and milestones achieved by the Mission Capabilities team in 2021. DCTO(MC) bridges the divide between technology discovery and fielded operations in the warfighter domain. The Newsletter contains the following sections:

  • Introduction

    • Letter from Terry Emmert
  • Section One

    • Prototypes and Experiments
  • Section Two

    • Engineering
  • Section Three

    • Test Resource Management Center
Mr. Terry Emmert

Terry Emmert

Deputy CTO for Mission Capabilities (DCTO(MC))
Principal Deputy CTO for Mission Capabilities (PDCTO(MC))

We all take a great many memories from 2021, not least of which are the pandemic, welcoming a new presidential administration, and the inexorable advancement of China as a strategic competitor. There has been so much change and so much work to do that the year has simply flown by. Through it all, the depth and breadth of accomplishment your selfless work has engendered is remarkable. As Elbert Hubbard once observed, “the world now moves so fast
that those who say it can’t be done are generally interrupted by those doing it.”

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Deputy CTO for Mission Capabilities
The Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301