Advanced Capabilities Mission


  • Deliver Joint Warfighting Concepts (JWCs) to Prototype Capabilities

  • Transition the Valley of Death

Advanced Capabilities Roles

  • Develop and support future Warfighting concepts and integrated architectures

  • Close capability gaps in support of defense modernization

  • Strengthen engineering authorities and policies

  • Conduct continuous stakeholder engagement to support development and delivery of capability to the Joint force, Joint Warfighter, and Combatant Commanders

  • Ensure test range infrastructure and facilities support current and future needs

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Chief Engineer for Advanced Capabilities


Prototypes and Experiments


Test Resource Management Center

The primary technology transition enabler within DDR&E(AC) bridges the divide between technology discovery and fielded operations in the warfighter domain.

Recent Updates

  • mouse-and-keyboard-1462467

    The Deputy Director for Engineering released the revised DoD Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) Outline, version 4.0, to assist programs to prepare their SEPs in accordance with statute, DoD policy, and recommended best practices. This version builds upon the previously published version 3.0 with added and updated content to align with the DoD Instruction 5000.88, Engineering of Defense Systems. The SEP Outline employs terminology mainly applicable to system development employing the Major Capability Acquisition pathway; however, the principles and practices described in the outline should be applied, as appropriate, to all DoD programs. Find the guide on the DoD Engineering website, Engineering References for Program Offices page,

  • shutterstock_518160529-circuit-board

    The Cyber Table Top (CTT) is a focused, intellectually intensive exercise that explores the effects of cyber offensive operations on the capability of US systems to carry out their missions. It is a wargame-like exercise that centers on two teams with opposing missions: the military forces charged with executing an operational mission and the cyber mission forces attempting to oppose those military forces.



Directorate of Defense Research and
Engineering for Advanced Capabilities
The Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301