Meeting Current & Future Needs

Via the TRMC, ASD(MC) provides robust and flexible testing and evaluation capabilities to develop, acquire, field, and sustain reliable and effective weapons systems to meet current and future needs of the warfighter. It looks across the entire test and evaluation infrastructure to align test and evaluation efforts with DoD modernization goals and ensure ranges are ready to test new capabilities as they emerge.

An infantry vehicle rolls across the barren desert during a training event in the John Wayne Foothills of the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, Calif., July 31, 2016. The purpose of this exercise was to test a combat scenario in a simulated real-time environment. Army photo by Pvt. Austin Anyzeski

Major Range and Test Facility Base

TRMC's Dedication

TRMC is dedicated to ensuring DoD components have the right test and evaluation infrastructure to accomplish the mission. This is done through the Central T&E Investment Program, T&E Science and Technology Program, Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC) Program,T&E Range Oversight Division, and Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) Software Development Activity (SDA).



Assistant Secretary of Defense for Mission Capabilities
The Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301